[TSC-public] Progress on ELF

Nick Hall nick-h at gramps-project.org
Tue Oct 31 12:52:07 CDT 2017

On 31/10/17 13:06, Luther Tychonievich wrote:
> GEDCOM-L has a nice list of which programs have used which tags (only 
> in their german-language site):
> http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/GEDCOM/_Nutzerdef-Tag
> Some they note as being used by five or more programs include
> NAME._AKA (also known as)
> Fam.(Event)._DATE2 (I didn't follow the description and haven't seen 
> enough in the wind to know)
> INDI._GODP (god parent)
> INDI.NAME._MARNM (married name)
> INDI._MILT (military service)
> FAM.CHIL._MREL (relationship to parents)
> OBJE._PRIM (I didn't follow the description and haven't seen enough in 
> the wind to know)
> FAM._STAT (status)
> INDI.NAME._RUFNAME (common given name, as underlined in official 
> German documents)
> *._UID (UUID, with variable meaning as noted elsewhere in this thread)
The standard NAME.TYPE tag should probably be used in preference to the 

I'm not sure why _DATE2 is needed since GEDCOM dates can already specify 

Gramps assumes that the first media object in a list is the primary 
object.  This could be considered instead of the OBJE._PRIM tag.

Including the other tags in ELF is a good idea.  You should also 
consider one of the medical tags, and perhaps a political/elected tag 
and an academic/degree tag.

I also note that FAM.CHIL._MREL and FAM.CHIL._FREL seem to be more 
widespread than the INDI.FAMC._MREL and INDI.FAMC._FREL that Gramps 
uses.  It would be useful of ELF provided guidance on which version to use.


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