[TSC-public] Progress on ELF

Richard Smith rsmith at fhiso.org
Fri Oct 27 17:49:31 CDT 2017

On 27/10/17 20:41, Luther Tychonievich wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 2:18 PM, Nick Hall <nick-h at gramps-project.org> wrote:
>> On 27/10/17 18:12, Louis Kessler wrote:
>>> Also, the following tags are of concern and are seen "in the
>>> wild" and used or misused occasionally.  What is ELF's position
>>> on these:   AKA,  _AKA, URL, _URL, WITN, _WITN
>> Yes.  You will also see the following, and more, "in the wild":
> In general, non-documented tags appearing in the wild (and documented
> tags appearing out of place) are an expected part of GEDCOM, permitted
> in the specification, and we do not plan to change that (it would be a
> breaking change .  We have discussed (many times, since long before we
> discussed ELF) creating a dictionary of these extensions, and some of
> the work we are doing now is anticipated to make that more feasible and
> useful (as will the several previous efforts to aggregate extension
> tags, including GEDCOM-L).  However, we likely won't include most (if
> any) extensions we've seen "in the wild" in the initial release: only
> official ones and ones we feel necessary to enable future extensions.

I wonder how many of these extensions have multiple independent 
implementations which are mutually compatible?  It seems to me that such 
extensions could be getting close to crossing the line between a 
vendor-specific extension and a de facto standard.

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