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Albert Emmerich Emmerich.Albert at t-online.de
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GEDCOM 5.5EL was created by 6 program authors and the "Verein für Computergenealogie" (this association is running the genealogy.net webpage). One of these 6 authors is no longer active, but 4 of them are members of the Gedcom-L, which is again an activity of the "Verein für Computergenealogie". Gedcom-L started after GEDCOM 5.5EL was finished, so Gedcom-L is the newer version.
The authors of GEDCOM 5.5EL were involved in the replacement of GEDCOM 5.5EL themselves, and they follow the Gedcom-L agreements now.

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On 27/10/17 20:17, Albert Emmerich wrote:
> GEDCOM 5.5EL is no longer supported but replaced by the conclusions of 
> Gedcom-L, as described in 
> http://wiki-en.genealogy.net/GEDCOM/PLAC-Tag#Agreements_for_PLAC

Does the GEDCOM-L group have some official connection with GEDCOM 5.5EL, then?  I was under the impression that the GEDCOM-L people had simply decided to provide documentation of GEDCOM 5.5EL as a service to those who want to support it.  That said, I don't actually know who produced GEDCOM 5.5EL.

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