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to 1.: Yes, this solution is recommended by Gedcom-L as defined in:


Albert (Emmerich)

... the citation is:

*F8 Same-sex Partnerships*

The standard always assumes by the text, that by HUSB a man and by WIFE 
a woman is referenced. An explicit arrangement for same-sex partnerships 
is not included in the standard.

It is recommended not to conclude from the tags HUSB and WIFE to the 
gender of the person ( this is explicitly set by the tag SEX in the 
individual record or remains open in absence of tag SEX ). Therefor 
same-sex partnerships can be exported in the family record by referring 
by HUSB to a woman or by WIFE to a man.

Am 27.10.2017 um 15:31 schrieb Luther Tychonievich:
> We are currently trying to document and restrict ELF to deviations
> from GEDCOM that are already present "in the wild".  We expect these
> to be few; the ones we've identified so far are three:
> 1. It appears that the common practice for same-sex marriages is to
> have a 0 FAM with a 1 HUSB and 1 WIFE but have both HUSB and WIFE
> point to 0 INDI with the same 1 SEX.
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