[TSC-public] Use of this list

Richard Smith rsmith at fhiso.org
Fri Sep 5 14:17:36 CDT 2014

It's great that we've generated so much interesting discussion on this
list over the last three weeks.  However, the quantity of email may
deter some people from reading it.  Following are some suggestions to
help clarify the role of this list:

1. Generate ideas, don't seek consensus.

Consensus building takes place in exploratory groups (EGs).

2. Permit disagreements.

Once two people have expressed their differing opinions and understand
that the disagreement exists, move on. In due course, the topic will be
reopened for consideration by an EG and the apparent outcome of the
discussion here will not prejudice the EG's work.

3. Consider writing a Call for Papers Submission.

If you have a lot to say, please consider writing a paper for our CFPS.
Diagrams and tables can aid understanding, but are less easily included
in emails.  By taking your time to express your idea clearly, it is more
likely that other people will understand you.

4. Brevity.

Emails are written once, read many times.  Invest the time during
writing to make them easy to read quickly.

5. tsc-public is not a repository.

The TSC are not maintaining an index of discussion on this list, and EGs
will not be expected to recall everything here.  Once the idea is
generated and voiced here, either send it to the appropriate EG or
submit it in a CFPS.  The TSC's charter guarantees that all CFPS papers
will receive due consideration and a reasoned response.

6. New topic, new subject line.

Don't re-use "Re: Some other idea" for your new ideas.

7. Quote your context and only your context.

Don't make people guess what you are replying to, neither by quoting
nothing nor by quoting extraneous parts of an earlier email.

These are intended as guidelines rather than firm rules, but if we all
bear them in mind, we'll all benefit.  I'm aware that I've not always
followed them, and will try to do better myself.

Richard Smith                    rsmith at fhiso.org
FHISO Technical Standing Committee Co-Coordinator

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