[Tsc-announce] Announcing the Sources and Citation Exploratory Group

Luther Tychonievich ltychonievich at fhiso.org
Fri Apr 10 12:46:30 CDT 2015

FHISO is happy to announce the formation of the Sources and Citations
Exploratory Group.

The Sources and Citations Exploratory Group (or S&CEG) is tasked with
carrying out exploratory work into the data representation of
information about and information contained within individual documents,
monuments, artefacts, interviews, and other sources of data of interest
to family history.  The Technical Standing Committee have appointed Sue
Adams to be Coordinator of this group and provided the group with
directives governing its operation.  Contributions from both experts and
the wider genealogical community are welcome and necessary for the
work.  Areas of expertise needed include archival standards and
genealogical research processes.

A repository in GitHub has been provided to contain the ongoing research
and analysis of the group:


To follow the work of the S&CEG, you can subscribe to their mailing list:


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