Board Meeting Held 28 June 2023 at 2000UTC

Present: Luther Tychonievich — Chair; Seth Taplin — Vice Chair and Technical Coordinator; Roger Moffat — Secretary, Treasurer & Membership Coordinator.

  1. Minutes of the previous meetings: The minutes of the 17 May 2023 were not drafted.
  2. Finances:
    1. PayPal Balance at 28 June 2023 = $365.42.
  3. Website: Still trying to update PHP and CiviCRM.
  4. Next AGM: Expected in September. Possible agenda:
    • Introduction of board
    • Summary of recent progress and current priorities
    • GEDCOM 7.x
    • Citations standards
    • Open discussion and Q&A
  5. Technical Work: Some interaction with Dave Thaler on citations and integrating EE style citations into GEDCOM

Date of next meeting: 9 August 2023 at  2000UTC 5PM EDT
Adjourned 2033UTC