FHISO Annual General Meeting held 10 September 2022 at 2100 UTC

The 2022 FHISO AGM was held by Zoom video conference on 10 September at 2100UTC

Present: Luther Tychonievich (Chair), Seth Taplin (Technical Coordinator), Roger Moffat (Secretary & Treasurer), and various members and guests

  1. Opening Remarks: Luther welcomed members.
  2. Introductions: The board members introduced themselves.
  3. Finances: Roger gave an overview of the FHISO finances for 2021. We have a current balance of $544.42
  4. Technical Report: Luther gave an overview of the work FHISO has done in the last year or two, including the GEDCOM 7 work. ELF (Extended Legacy Format) is suspended. Luther is the managing editor of the GEDCOM steering committee, and has contact to the GEDCOM X team.
    The Technical Services Committee (TSC) is working on the citations part of the work, particularly citation elements work. They are using the CSL (Citation Style Library), and working to add types to it.
  5. Open Discussion as Q and A: Introduced guests and answered several questions about the status of GEDCOM.

The meeting ended at 2147UTC (5:47pmEDT)