Board Meeting Held 17 Aug 2022 at 2100UTC

Present: Luther Tychonievich — Chair; Seth Taplin — Vice Chair and Technical Coordinator; and Roger Moffat — Secretary, Treasurer & Membership Coordinator.


  1. Minutes of the previous meetings: The minutes from the board meeting on 2022-07-14 were approved.
  2. Finances: 
    PayPal Balance at 17 August 2022 = $544.42. Five renewals were received soon after sending out the notice of AGM and request for renewals.
  3. Board Elections: 
    1. Seth was the only board member nominated and is thus reappointed without an election.
  4. AGM:
    1. The AGM is set for Saturday 10 September 2022 at 2100UTC (5pmEDT).
    2. The next deadline is 27 August for the elections for the Board – no election needed since there are insufficient nominees to need an election.
    3. Send out AGM reminders 7 to 5 days before AGM.
  5. Technical Work
    1. Continue progress on citations.

Date of next meeting: 7 September 2022 at 2100UTC 5PM EST

Meeting Closed at 2122UTC (5:22pm EST)