Board Meeting Held 14 July 2022 at 2100UTC

Present: Luther Tychonievich — Chair; Seth Taplin — Vice Chair and Technical Coordinator; and Roger Moffat — Secretary, Treasurer & Membership Coordinator.


  1. Minutes of the previous meetings: The minutes from the AGM on 2022-06-08 were approved.
  2. Finances: 
    PayPal Balance at 14 July 2022 = $451.27. No income or expenditure since last meeting
  3. Board Elections: 
    1. Seth’s term is ending
    2. Luther and Roger are at mid-term. Roger and Luther will be the nominating committee
    3. Seek nominations for Technical Coordinator, and up to 3 at large positions.
  4. AGM:
    1. The AGM is set for Saturday 10 September 2022 at 2100UTC (5pmEDT).
    2. The next deadline is 30 July for the announcement of the Call for Nominations.
    3. Roger to send out Membership reminders.
    4. Roger will send out an announcement of the AGM and Call for Nominations to the CiviCRM membership list, and to the combined membership of the FHISO-News, TSC-announce, and TSC-public mailing lists.
  5. Technical Work
    1. Continue progress on citations.

Date of next meeting: 17 August 2022 at 2100UTC 5PM EST

Meeting Closed at 2150UTC (5:50pm EST)