Board Meeting Held 17 November 2021 at 2200UTC

Present: Luther Tychonievich — Chair; Seth Taplin — Vice Chair and Technical Coordinator; and Roger Moffat — Secretary, Treasurer & Membership Coordinator.


  1. Minutes of the previous meetings: The minutes of the AGM 25 September 2021, and Board Meeting 13 October 2021 have not been published yet.
  2. Finances: 
    PayPal Balance at 17 November 2021 = $626.01
  3. Registered Agent: 
    Roger has contacted Northwest Registered Agent with a view to having them assume the responsibility of being our Registered Agent for $125 per year compared to the $400 per year we currently pay Caritas. Their agency is effective when we sign up, so this will be done near the end of December 2021 when our current contract with Caritas expires.
  4. Board Elections: 
    Roger to update our filing with Arizona Corporation Commission for the current Officers and Directors.
  5. Technical Work
    1. Discussion of registering a GEDCOM media type in light of The FamilySearch vendor media type (
    2. Discussion of Luther’s draft work on citation elements. 

Date of next meeting: 12 January 2022 at 2200UTC 5PM EST

Meeting Closed at 2240UTC (540pm EST)