FHISO Board Action by Written Consent on 21 February 2019

On 21 February 2019, the Board resolved the following by written consent without a Board Meeting, per Bylaw 9.13:

Amendment of the Bylaws. Richard Smith proposed a motion to clarify FHISO’s mission. Written consent was received from Richard Smith, Luther Tychonievich and Andy Hatchett. Motion passed.

Note that because Greg Lamberson, Brett McPhee, Drew Smith and Tony Proctor are on sabbatical, the quorum is three (being three-fifths of four, rounded up), which is also the number needed for action by written consent.

Motion: to clarify FHISO’s mission

  1. Replace §3.1 with the following:

    3.1 Mission

    FHISO’s mission is to bring together individuals, organisations and companies of all sizes to collaborate on open standards, supporting documentation and services on the digital representation, processing and exchange of data by genealogists and family historians worldwide.

  2. Remove “Goal” from the title of Article 3 and delete §3.2.
  3. Rename Article 10A to “Standards”, and append the following paragraph:

    Ratified standards shall be made available to all at no cost from FHISO’s website. Any person, organisation or company may implement FHISO standards for any purpose, without royalty or license fees.