FHISO Board Meeting held 5 June 2018 at 1800 UTC

The meeting was held by private Google Hangout. Started at 18:05 UTC.

Present: Tony Proctor — Acting Chair; Roger Moffat — Secretary and Acting Treasurer; Andrew Hatchett — Membership Coordinator; Luther Tychonievich — Technical Coordinator; Richard Smith — Technical Co-Coordinator

Absent: Drew Smith — Chair; Brett McPhee — Membership Coordinator; Greg Lamberson — Treasurer

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting are accepted as agreed by eMail discussion.
  2. Legal Status. No change at this time.
  3. Finances
    1. PayPal Balance at 5 June 2018 = $95.04
    2. Bank of America balance at 5 June 2018 = $423.11
  4. Technical Work. After a slow start, we are now making good progress on our ELF standards. We have found it necessary to replace the previous namespace-based extensibility mechanism with one based on schemas, the details of which have been subject to much discussion in the last few days. We have also seen and noted with interest Tamura Jones’ publishing of The FamilySearch GEDCOM 5.5.1 Specification Annotated Edition.
  5. Outreach. We have now been able to rekindle our relationships with all of the original Founding Members, in addition to which Tony has received some response to his outreach to groups and organisations in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  6. Next Meeting: 24 July 2018 at 1800UTC

The meeting closed 1910 UTC