FHISO Board Meeting held 24 April 2018 at 1800 UTC

The meeting was held by private Google Hangout. Started at 18:00 UTC.

Present: Tony Proctor — Acting Chair; Roger Moffat — Secretary and Acting Treasurer; Andrew Hatchett — Membership Coordinator; Luther Tychonievich — Technical Coordinator; Richard Smith — Technical Co-Coordinator

Absent: Drew Smith — Chair; Brett McPhee — Membership Coordinator; Greg Lamberson — Treasurer

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting are accepted as agreed by eMail discussion.
  2. Legal Status. Our Federal tax status is being reviewed.
  3. Finances
    1. PayPal Balance at 13 March 2018 = $37.69
    2. Bank of America balance at 13 March 2018 = $453.11
  4. Technical Work. The TSC reported that first public drafts of Basic Concepts, Triples Discovery and the Pattern datatype had been published on 16th March, together with updated drafts of CEV Concepts and the CEV RDFa bindings. The level of response to this work had been disappointing. The TSC have identified ELF (our Extended Legacy Format, a serialisation format and data model backwards compatible with GEDCOM) as our next major goal. Discussion on the namespace-based extensibility mechanism previously proposed for ELF suggested it would be insufficiently flexible for our needs, and the TSC is now considering an alternative loosely based on GEDCOM 5.3’s schemas.
  5. Outreach. We’re trying to extend our industry outreach in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  6. Next Meeting: 5 June 2018 at 1800UTC

The meeting closed 1930 UTC