FHISO Board Meeting held 12 September 2017 at 1800 UTC

The meeting was held by private Google Hangout

Present: Tony Proctor — Vice Chair; Roger Moffat — Secretary; Andrew Hatchett — Membership Coordinator; Luther Tychonievich — Technical Coordinator; Richard Smith — Technical Co-Coordinator; Greg Lamberson — Treasurer

Absent: Drew Smith — Chair; Brett McPhee — Membership Coordinator

  1. Minutes from previous meeting. Approved the minutes of the 1 August 2017 Board Meeting.
  2. Legal Status. No update from Drew. Tony will contact Drew to find out if there’s any update to this.
  3. Finance. Current bank balance is $696.81. Only expense in the last month was $15 bank fees.
  4. Domain Names. Domain names are currently being paid for by Andy Hatchett. fhiso.org, fhiso.net and fhiso.com are set to auto-renew. Other domain names, including bettergedcom and betterged.com, have either expired or are about to expire.
  5. Technical Work. Richard has published revised copies of drafts that addressed the feedback given on the first drafts. No feedback from the public on these revised drafts yet.
  6. Website. Simply Hosting have made changes to our free account due to the expiration of the bettergedcom.org domain name on which the account had been based. Richard has moved the name server function to the name servers at Mythic Beast where he has more control over how they work. Some discussion about moving more of our web presence to Mythic Beast’s server to make things easier – e.g. move the website to Mythic Beast, and leave the mail functions with Simply Hosting. No decision was made.
  7. Membership. Andy confirmed that all memberships have been extended to 31 December 2018. Richard suggested the creation of a small membership policy document that brings together items mentioned in various places in the by-laws.
  8. Next Meeting. The next FHISO Board meeting will be 24 October at 2PM EDT 1800 (UTC)

Meeting adjourned at 2:42pm EDT