FHISO Board Meeting held 16 March 2017 at 1300 UTC

The meeting was held bye private Google Hangout.

Present: Tony Proctor — Vice Chair; Roger Moffat — Secretary; Andrew Hatchett — Membership Standing Committee Coordinator; Luther Tychonievich — Technical Standing Committee Coordinator; Richard Smith — Technical Standing Committee Co-Coordinator.

Absent: Drew Smith — Chair; Greg Lamberson — Treasurer; Brett McPhee — Membership Standing Committee Coordinator.

  1. Minutes from the previous meetings. The minutes from the January meeting were not yet online, but a draft had been circulated before the meeting. The minutes from the December meeting were online but not yet public. Subject to minor corrections, they were approved.
  2. Technical Work. Luther, Tony and Richard held a productive TSC conference call on 16th Feb. Largely thanks to Luther, we’re approaching being ready to publish a draft of our ELF standard. 
  3. Extended Organisational Period. We are not quite yet ready to end the Extended Organisational Period — there are still a small number of areas in the by-laws that we are not fully compliant with currently. At this time we feel that we can not publish a standard until we have ended the Extended Organisational Period, but we can publish Drafts for information and review.
  4. Appeals Process Policy. Richard had circulated a draft Appeals Process Policy on 9th Feb 2017. After discussion about some points, Richard agreed to refine and clarify the appeals process and roles within that process. The corrected document will be circulated for approval by email vote.
  5. Removal of the Membership Standing Committee from the Bylaws: Richard suggested that we consider removing the Membership Standing Committee from the Bylaws and make it a Board Committee under the control of the Board using Bylaw 10.5.
  6. Licensing of our Standards. There was discussion about licensing standards produced by FHISO. Standards produced by FHISO should be published under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence. Efforts will be made to protect the name “FHISO” as a trademark (TM).
  7. Review of our Status with Arizona. State of our status with Arizona — we have sent the $1,000 to Carter Law Group. With Drew absent from the meeting there was no report.
  8. Report on Finances. Roger reported that Bank of America had agreed to refund the 11 instances of being charged a $15 monthly fee that had been charged in error. Our monthly bank fee is now $15.
  9. Next Meeting. The next meeting of the FHISO Board will be held during the week 24–28 April, the date and time to be determined.

Meeting ended at 1415 UTC

Submitted by Roger Moffat