FHISO Board Meeting held 19 January 2016 at 1400 UTC

The meeting was held by private Google Hangout.

Present: Drew Smith — Chair; Tony Proctor — Vice Chair; Roger Moffat — Secretary; Andrew Hatchett — Membership Standing Committee Coordinator; Luther Tychonievich — Technical Standing Committee Coordinator; Richard Smith — Technical Standing Committee Co-Coordinator.

Absent: Greg Lamberson — Treasurer; Brett McPhee — Membership Standing Committee Co-Coordinator.

  1. FHISO’s legal status. Drew Smith has contacted Robert Burkhead who has agreed to send any legal and financial paperwork (including the cheque book) to Roger Moffat.
  2. Treasurer. Drew Smith has contacted Greg Lamberson who has no time to devote to FHISO business for at least the next few weeks. Resolved: Roger will temporarily assume the duties of Treasurer in addition to Secretary.
  3. Technical work. The TSC presented three draft documents to the Board: our priorities, a more detailed strategy paper, and a policy on vocabularies. Resolved: the TSC will release these (modulo a little cleanup) to tsc-public for comment and to begin work on citations.
  4. Administrative structure. Drew Smith reported on the process for rewriting the bylaws. Article 24 of the bylaws allows the Board to change the bylaws as needed, so no vote by the members is needed. Drew Smith and Roger Moffat will review the current bylaws and work towards a proposal to amend them.
  5. RootsTech. Luther Tychonievich will be there from Wednesday onwards giving two presentations. Tony Proctor, Drew Smith and Roger Moffat will also be there.
  6. PayPal. Tony Proctor reported a problem making a donation via PayPal. Resolved: Roger Moffat will liaise with Andy Hatchett to investigate.
  7. Membership. All memberships have been extended to 2016-12-31.
  8. BetterGEDCOM. The BetterGEDCOM wiki had been archived to the Board’s Google drive, and a notice placed on the wiki not to post to it.

Meeting concluded at 1510 UTC.

Submitted by Roger Moffat — Secretary