FHISO Board Meeting held 27 November 2015 at 1300 UTC

The meeting was held by private Google Hangout.

Present: Drew Smith — Chair; Tony Proctor — Vice Chair; Roger Moffat — Secretary; Andrew Hatchett — Membership Standing Committee Coordinator; Brett McPhee — Membership Standing Committee Co-Coordinator; Luther Tychonievich — Technical Standing Committee Coordinator; Richard Smith — Technical Standing Committee Co-Coordinator.

Absent: Greg Lamberson – Treasurer.

  1. FHISO’s legal status. There was discussion about the pros and cons of remaining incorporated in Arizona, dissolving the incorporated entity, or perhaps reincorporating in another state. Resolved: Drew Smith will reach out to Robert Burkhead who lives in Arizona and was involved in our initial incorporation; we may also engage a law firm to assist us.
  2. Finances. Discussion included the pending non-availability of the current Treasurer and the fees for our current bank account. There was some discussion of the potential for Roger Moffat taking over the Treasurer role to become Secretary and Treasurer.
  3. Technical work. The TSC proposed that we resume work on a focused standard for a citation elements vocabulary and, if resources permit, describing source derivation. Work will be done in a “committee of the whole” rather than small project team. Resolved: the TSC will draft and release a short high-level strategy paper to communicate the TSC’s vision for FHISO, as well as a short-term plan on how to proceed, and a general policy on vocabularies.
  4. Administrative structure. It was agreed that the administrative structure described in the bylaws was designed for an organisation much larger the FHISO’s present size, and is impeding work within the current small organisation. The three Advisory Councils and several of the Committees were thought inappropriate to FHISO at its current size. Nine desirable Board roles were identified: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, Communications, Industry Outreach, Technical Coordinator and Technical Co-coordinator; and it was agreed that one person should be able to hold multiple roles. Resolved: Drew Smith will produce a substantive proposal on how to amend the bylaws.
  5. Current membership. Resolved: we will extend the expiration date of all FHISO members to 2016-12-31.
  6. Current presences. Resolved: keep paying for the currently held domain names, and have them all re-direct to fhiso.org. These are fhiso.org, fhiso.com, fhiso.net, betterged.com, and bettergedcom.org. Resolved: keep our current social media accounts. Resolved: do not renew the bettergedcom WikiSpaces page (an archive of that content is in the board’s google drive).
  7. Openness. Resolved: we will post minutes of meetings, dates of upcoming meetings, and account summaries on the website.
  8. Future meeting dates. Resolved: that the Board will meet roughly every 6 weeks, with the next meeting in the period 4–17 Jan 2016.

Meeting concluded at 1520 UTC.

Submitted by Roger Moffat — Secretary