FHISO Board Action by Written Consent on 20 November 2015

On 20 November 2015, the Board resolved the following by written consent without a Board Meeting, per Bylaw 9.13:

Luther Tychonievich proposed, on behalf of the Technical Standing Committee, the following five minimal changes to the TSC Operations and Policy manual so that technical work can proceed outside technical groups:

  1. In §2, in the sentence “The TSC shall appoint a Coordinator for each TG who shall chair TG meetings”, replace “shall” with “may”.
  2. Add a new sentence at the end of §2, “In the absence of an appointed Coordinator, the TSC shall collectively assume the Coordinator’s role.”
  3. In §4.1, remove the sentence “The proposal shall be published to the FHISO membership at least 11 days before the TSC approves the proposal.”
  4. In §4.2, remove the sentence “Each PT has a coordinator and co-coordinator, both appointed by the TSC.”
  5. In the appendix’s definition of a Project Team, in the sentence “A group of at least five people primarily responsible for a Technical Project”, delete the words “at least five”.

Motion passed by written consent.