FHISO, the community–driven organisation developing genealogy and family history information standards, invites you to join us as a member.

Why join? To lend your voice to the development of standards that benefit the entire genealogy and family history community. Members are given the right to participate directly in the consensus process leading to standards published by the organisation. Members also influence the direction of the organisation, either by serving as leaders at all levels of the organisation, or by sharing their skills, expertise, knowledge and opinions.

FHISO offers two types of membership:

Individual Annual Membership

An individual member represents his or her own interests to the community, rather than on behalf of an organisation or company.

The cost of an individual annual membership is US$20.

I would like to join as an Individual Member.

Organisational Annual Membership

Organisational memberships are open to organisations and companies whose staff members or employees represent the interests of their employer to the community. An organisation or company identifies a “membership coordinator” to FHISO, and is represented by one to five “organisational member representatives” (one of whom could also be the “membership coordinator”).

Each “organisational member representative” has all of the same rights and privileges as an individual member. As the organisation’s staff changes, the coordinator has the ability to notify FHISO of changes to the organisation’s representatives.

The cost of an organisational annual membership is US$20 per member representative, with a maximum of five representatives from any one organisation or company.

I would like to apply on behalf of my organisation or company for an Organisational Membership.

Non-member Participation

In addition, FHISO encourages participation by non-members. This might include access to public discussions, responding to requests for public comments by working groups, and other activities open to public participation. All that we ask is that non-members participating in these activities agree to the FHISO Code of Conduct. There is no cost.

I’m not ready to join yet, but I would like to participate in publicly available activities.

For More Information

If you have questions, or need more information, please use our Membership Enquiries Form to contact our membership staff.