Open Source vs. Open Standard

I’ve been an active FHISO volunteer for a little over a month and it has been a marvellous journey in every way. When I first visited last autumn it had looked to me to be both dead and exclusive, but a random comment during a rootsdev hangout led to my attending a FHISO organizers meeting and I realized that that initial impression could not have been more wrong. The amount of energy, thought, and time that the other FHISO volunteers bring to the behind-the-scenes work of getting something as monumental as FHISO running is impressive, and their willingness to let me join them has been delightful.

I hope to write several posts here over time describing my perspective on the goals, process, and vision of FHISO. In this post I offer my perspective on the word open and what open standards are (and are not). In particular, how are open source and open standard […]

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Patrick L. Jones, remarks prepared for the FHISO Panel

On Friday, I had to leave RootsTech early and unfortunately missed the FHISO panel during the Developer Day track. These are the remarks I would have made.

My name is Patrick Jones, I am Senior Director of Security at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN, ICANN is a global organization that coordinates the Internet’s unique identifier system (domain names, such as .com, .info and .us; Internet protocol addresses and numbers; and protocol port and parameter numbers). We do this for worldwide public benefit, enabling a single interoperable Internet. ICANN works through a multistakeholder model, facilitating participation by all interested parties, to foster a healthy, stable and resilient Internet ecosystem through coordination and collaboration.

I make these remarks now in my personal capacity, from the perspective of someone who has worked in a multistakeholder environment for the past 13 years and from the perspective of an individual family historian.

Last summer I […]

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FHISO Album – RootsTech 2013







FHISO-RootsTech Panel – two hours and counting down

Don’t miss our panel discussion today at RootsTech 2013. You’ll hear more about Open Standards from some of the FHISO Founding Members.

In the photograph below some of the panelists, Patrick L. Jones, Joshua Harman (Ancestry) and Robert Burkhead (FHISO) are chatting about FHISO and the panel discussion with FamilySearch’s Gordon Clarke.