Seeking Co-coordinator for FHISO Technical Standing Committee

The Family History Information Standards Organisation (FHISO) is seeking an interested and qualified volunteer to serve as Co-coordinator of the FHISO Technical Standing Committee (TSC). The TSC is responsible for the work to achieve FHISO’s substantial technical goals, as expressed by the Board, and it oversees all Technical Projects. The TSC determines the requirements for (scope of work, deliverables, time and resource requirements) and initiates or approves all Technical Project work; directs and/or develops and maintains requisite Project Team Directives; may appoint Coordinators and other Project Team members and assigns other roles as appropriate; it suspends or dissolves Technical Project Teams.

The TSC Co-coordinator is a voting member of the FHISO Board of Directors, and serves as Vice-chair of the TSC. The ideal candidate for this position is an individual with expertise in the operation of standards organisations or in coordinating the efforts of multiple project teams.

Individuals interested in being considered for this position […]

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It’s on its way!

Work on FHISO’s web-based collaboration platform is nearing completion. This tool will support our members in the development of a data and information standard intended to benefit the international genealogy and family history community. Making these tools available will be an important milestone along the road of achieving the organisation’s primary mission. Both the collaboration platform, as well as enhancements to this web site, should be available shortly.

A new tool or platform, however, is no substitute for community participation. While we’re putting the finishing touches on the new tools and site, I’m renewing our invitation made during RootsTech 2013 to participate in the community Open Call for Papers. This initiative is truly an opportunity for you to have your say, your way. If you have questions or would like assistance submitting a paper, you can contact us.

Robert Burkhead Technical Standing Committee Coordinator