Folks are speaking out on Why FHISO?

From a collection of the questions/comments and input on Why FHISO?, via e-mail and around the web, some questions and brief remarks follow.

Note: The organizers have invested much time these various topics. There is probably nothing we would like better than to dialog and receive input at length about each.

Why FHISO v01-04

1. Identify the FHISO board and organizing volunteers

FHISO was incorporated earlier this year as an Arizona non-profit. The standing organizational board consists of three directors. These directors are Robert Burkhead (USA); Geir Thorud (Norway); Andrew Hatchett (USA). Robert and Geir have standards backgrounds (Robert, HL7; Geir, ISO). While there are many supporters in the community at large, a group of six other volunteers are actively engaged in the day to day organizing work. These six are: Greg Lamberson (Egypt); Tony Proctor (Ireland and UK); Neil Parker (Canada); Roger Moffat (USA); Brett McPhee (Australia); GeneJ (USA). All the board members and […]

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