Second Release of Draft Standards for Public Comment

A little over two months ago we released our first two draft standards on Citation Elements: one on General Concepts such as the data model, the other giving RDFa bindings for tagging citation elements in HTML formatted citations.  This generated some very useful discussion which identified many places where the documents could be improved.   Most consequentially, we agreed to change the following three points:

1. Remove the notion of a layer identifier and defer metadata support for the time being.

2. Change all our http: IRIs to https: due to security and privacy concerns.

3. Expand the notion of a translation set into a more general localisation set to allow a combination of structured and unstructured values.

We have now applied these changes, and have also added significantly to the number of examples and explanatory notes in the documents.  The new documents can be found linked from our public drafts page:

It has taken some time to make these changes, partly because of holidays and other intrusions of real life, but mostly because the change to localisation sets had significant consequences elsewhere in the data model, many of which we discussed at length on the tsc-public mailing list back in July, though others only came to light during the redrafting process.

We welcome any and all comments on these drafts on the tsc-public mailing list

and as always invite anyone who would like to be more directly involvedin writing and revising documents to let the TSC know.

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