Technical work begins at FHISO

The Family History Information Standards Organisation (FHISO) is pleased to announce that its Technical Standing Committee is starting the technical work on a new, open genealogical standard. We are seeking to build an active and diverse community to collaborate in this process, and we encourage FHISO members and non-members alike to participate.

Much of the initial technical work will be carried out in exploratory groups, each focusing on a specific aspect of the FHISO’s standardisation work. For each group, we are looking for members of the FHISO who are willing to commit to active participation. Once a group has enough committed participants and starts work, anyone will be able to join in with that work.

Don’t want to join one of these exploratory groups, but still want to be involved? No problem! We have created the tsc-public mailing list for the discussion of any other technical matter that you believe the FHISO should be interested in. Perhaps you disagree with our decision on how to proceed? This is the place to tell us. The FHISO is community-owned and your opinions matter to us.

Finally, we recommend that all interested parties subscribe to the tsc-announce mailing list, which is a very low-volume list that we will use for occasional announcements and updates. If you want to contact the Technical Standing Committee, we can be reached by email at

We regret taking so long to reach this stage. The hiatus has been due to a combination of unforeseen events outside our control, but these are largely resolved and we have streamlined our processes hopefully to avoid a recurrence.

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