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Date: 8th May 2013

Eneclann (www.eneclann.ie) and Family History Information Standards Organisation, Inc. (FHISO) announced today that Eneclann has finalised its plans to become a founding member of the organisation.  Brian Donovan, Eneclann’s CEO, said of the partnership “Digitising, indexing and publishing family history records online is fraught with problems. Genealogy needs FHISO to help navigate a collaborative solution to shared problems, and to set meaningful standards, and we in Eneclann are delighted to be partners in this”.  The company will participate with other FHISO members from the global genealogical community in the development of standards for the digital representation and sharing of family history and genealogical information. As an organisation involved in the management, digitisation of, and research with archives, they bring a unique perspective on the work of FHISO. Fiona Fitzsimons, Research Director, commented ‘Digitisation of records has transformed the way we do genealogy, but we need standards so we can be sure of the quality of the electronic records we use. FHISO is a welcome development to achieve this goal.’

“FHISO is proud to welcome Eneclann as a Founding Member. Recognised for its innovation, Eneclann has been involved in major digitisation projects. Its experts bring to FHISO professional services experience in the mixed-language and rich cultural heritage that is associated with Irish genealogy. Brian Donovan, himself an expert in digitisation techniques, also brings project management and business development skills to FHISO. Eneclann’s experience contributes to a unique perspective in the genealogy marketplace”, said FHISO Organiser, Tony Proctor (UK and Ireland).

About Eneclann Ltd.

Eneclann Ltd., incorporated in 1998, is the largest genealogical company in Ireland.  Well known internationally for its research for the hit T.V. series Who Do You Think You Are? worldwide, as well as the U.S. T.V. series Faces of America (2010), and Finding Your Roots (2012),  Eneclann has also traced the Irish roots of President Barack Obama and several celebrities, most recently Tom Cruise.

Eneclann has developed significant skills in archival management, and expertise in digital technology. The company was instrumental in the founding of the online service www.irishorigins.com in 2003, and more recently in 2011 launched the web service www.findmypast.ie with their Scottish joint-venture partner brightsolid.

To date the company has brought over 65 million genealogical records online, and has acted as a trusted partner of several archives, libraries and other Irish public institutions in making their historic records available to a wide audience.  Find out more at: www.eneclann.ie


FHISO is a standards-developing organisation bringing the international family history and genealogical community together in a transparent, self-governing forum for the purpose of developing information standards to solve today’s interoperability issues. To learn more about FHISO, visit http://fhiso.org/. To become an enquiring member, visit http://fhiso.org/membership-enquiries/.


Eneclann, info@eneclann.ie, +353 1 671 0338.

FHISO General Enquiries, enquiries@fhiso.org; Membership enquiries, membership@fhiso.org; FHISO Media Relations, Anthony C. Proctor, acproctor@fhiso.org.


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