WDYTYA-Live: Who’s there; who wishes they were?



Who Do You Think You Are? Live” is LIVE! The doors opened this morning at 10 a.m. in London. Billed as “The Biggest Family History event … In the world!” this is one giant show. Great sponsors and exhibitors from A to Z.

So, we are asking—”Who’s there … and Who wishes they were there!”

We know that Dovy Paukstys, Chief Technical Officer, Real-Time Collaboration, Inc., is there. So is Malcolm Austen, the FHISO representative for the Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS) and its IT Coordinator.

Big shout out to both Dovy and Malcolm for helping bring a ‘bit of FHISO to the show in the form of a flyer. I expect Dovy to be … everywhere. Malcolm should be all around too, as he’s maneuvering between the FFHS booth (stand no. 626) and the Oxfordshire booth (stands no. 79/80). Malcolm is helping distribute the FHISO materials, so stop by those booths and say hello. If you are at the show, you can help all of us spread the word about FHISO.

Here’s an initial list of FHISO supporters who have booths at the show. Let us know if we missed one.

Ancestry.co.uk, stand nos. 720 and 820
Family Historian, stand no. 934
Federation of Family Historians, stand no. 626
Findmypast.co.uk, stand no. 830
Genes Reunited, stand no. 631
Mocavo, stand no. 624


Whether you are lucky enough to be at the show or just wishing you were, let us hear from you. If you are at the show, send pictures and/or a note–we’ll do our best to post them to the blog.

Together, let’s make 2013 a great year for family historians everywhere.

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