Coret Genealogie brings leadership, experience to FHISO Founding Member roster


The Hague (Netherlands) and Gilbert, AZ (USA) — October 11, 2012 — Coret Genealogie and Family History Information Standards Organisation, Inc. (FHISO) announced today that Coret Genealogie has finalised its plans to become a founding member of the organisation. As part of this process, Coret Genealogie has designated its founder, Bob Coret, to be an organisational member representative. Bob will participate with other FHISO members from the global genealogical community in the development of standards for the digital representation and sharing of family history and genealogical information.

“I am convinced that the genealogical community as a whole—profit and non-profit organisations, colleagues and competitors, developers and end-users—benefit from standards. FHISO provides the opportunity for us to combine the insight of all international genealogical players in the development of standards to support family history”, said Bob Coret, founder of Coret Genealogie.

“Coret Genealogie has been building tools and networks in the Dutch genealogical community since 2003. Whether the subject is content or connections, we all benefit from Bob Coret’s first hand experience and insight. That Bob joins us from the Netherlands furthers the world-wide network of technologists and genealogists uniting to make FHISO’s independent and self-governing operations a reality”, said Robert Burkhead, acting FHISO Chairman.

The Dutch company Coret Genealogie provides a range of web-based genealogy tools. Genealogie Online publishes family trees and scanned materials by volunteers. The website also acts as a research tool—offering suggestions to participating genealogists about online sources related to their genealogical research and between genealogist’s published trees. Stamboom Forum is a social network for genealogists. This website facilitates the exchange of knowledge and services in the Dutch speaking genealogical community. It also brings genealogists in contact with each other, based on the family names they research or the genealogical fair they visit. For more information about all tools provided by Coret Genealogie, please visit

FHISO is a standards-developing organisation bringing the international family history and genealogical community together in a transparent, self-governing forum for the purpose of developing information standards to solve today’s interoperability issues. To learn more about FHISO, visit

Please join us in welcoming Coret Genealogie and its founder, Bob Coret, to FHISO!


Coret Genealogie (Dutch and English), 

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