[TSC-public] Format for Raw Source Content

Louis Kessler lkessler at lkessler.com
Thu Jan 8 19:14:36 EST 2015

Jan Murphy said:
> Are you defining census households by using the heads of households as delineators?  That is treacherous
> because I've seen many instances where people are not written neatly within their own family group, e.g. 
> p1 = uncle p2 = head and so on.
> This is one of many reasons I would rather see the breakdown of raw data done by source, and instead of 
> a p for person have an e = entry number for the line on the document.

As you describe, Jan, is exactly the way I would do it. I have stated that the source should contain "just the facts" and no interpretation. Assuming the personas is interpretation. 

This small difference in thinking is the thing I don't like about Tom's ideas of personas, because I think of personas as mini-conclusions not belonging with the source data.


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