[TSC-public] Format for Raw Source Content

Richard Smith rsmith at fhiso.org
Thu Jan 8 14:47:10 EST 2015

On 08/01/15 19:01, Thomas Wetmore wrote:

> When actually extracting data, that is, the process of looking at a
> source in your hand or as a scanned file, especially if you are doing
> this wholesale, you are probably going to want (I think) an approach
> that is customized to the source type. You are going to want to type
> the fewest possible number of keystrokes in order to extract the
> data. The world is a-flutter with special little data-capturing
> programs that are designed to make this possible. Most of us might
> just open up a spread sheet to capture highly tabular data and then
> use an exported CSV file in some way.

Okay. I understand you now and agree.  I do exactly the same.

Let me play Devil's Advocate for a moment, if I may.  Why should this be 
a matter for FHISO?  Is data entry not just a quality-of-implementation 
matter that should be left to applications to handle as best suits their 
users' needs?

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