[TSC-public] The role of email, attachments, slack, github, etc, in FHISO's work

Richard Smith rsmith at fhiso.org
Fri Aug 29 13:50:52 CDT 2014

On 29/08/14 09:25, Thomas Wetmore wrote:
> I think there is confusion about the terms "source" and "citation"
> that leads to disagreements, but because the assumed definitions are
>  different, not because there is true disagreement.

I agree there's a lot of confusion over the terms used for the concepts 
relating to sources and citations.  I recall when I first scanned 
through CFPS 78 by Louis Kessler and saw the heading "Citations and 
Formatting should NOT be part of the Standard".  My first thought was 
that this was a crazy suggestion.  Citations, I thought, were one of the 
most important things in GEDCOM, and we needed to build on them and 
improve them, not remove them.  But then I read it more carefully and 
realised Louis was simply using the term "citation" differently to me. 
He was using the term to mean a formatted string, while I was using it 
to mean the abstract concept.  Once I realised that, it was clear that 
we were in agreement.

I hope that as the Lexicon EG starts work we'll start to identify terms 
like this that have conflicting meanings, and we can then avoid using 
them or be careful to disambiguate them in text.  In this case, if we 
say "formatted citation" or "citation data" we avoid the ambiguity 
present in the word "citation".

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