Family History Information Standards Organisation is a community-driven organisation established for the purpose of developing genealogy and family history information standards on a modern platform that is

  • Open
  • Multi-stakeholder
  • International
  • Self-governing
  • Balanced

The standards development process was initiated March 22, 2013, with a historic Open Call for Papers.

“Modern standards development work is dynamic and deliberate,” said Robert Burkhead.  “The result will be inclusive; it will be effective. It begins here. It begins with you and your participation.”

“For the first time, the proposals will be published to the benefit of all stakeholders making up the international community,” said Tony Proctor (UK), FHISO Organiser. “Collectively, the proposals will give rise to comments, member working groups and project teams. The information standards developed from this process will better support how we work and how well we work together.”  

New work platforms will be implemented to support the FHISO process. A submissions platform for the Call for Papers is available (http://fhiso.org/call-for-papers/). As volunteers process the submissions, each will be posted for public viewing and commenting. A dynamic new platform to support working groups and project teams will follow.

It begins here. It begins with you. Become a member of FHISO today (http://fhiso.org/join-fhiso/).  

FHISO Board Meeting 6 March 2016

FHISO : April 19, 2016 4:03 pm : Announcements

The FHISO Board met by Google Hangout on 6 March 2016 at 2000 UTC. There was discussion about the FHISO administrative structure and Roger assuming access to the Bank of America bank account.

The minutes of this meeting are available here.

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Technical Priorities and Work Process

Richard Smith : February 17, 2016 6:12 pm : Announcements

The TSC have agreed on a new set of priorities for technical work, which are discussed in more detail in our strategy paper. In preparation for this work, the TSC have drafted a policy on the use of vocabularies. We would welcome discussion of these on the tsc-public mailing list.

The Board and TSC have recognised that FHISO’s by-laws, the TSC charter, and the TSC operations and policy manual were designed with a large organization in mind and are impeding work with the present number of volunteers. We plan to adopt a much less structured, more volunteer-based interim process until our governance structure is overhauled, and technical work towards our priorities will occur in a “committee of the whole” on the tsc-public mailing list.

The minutes of the January board meeting are also now available.

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FHISO Board Meeting 27 November 2015

FHISO : December 7, 2015 2:13 pm : Announcements

FHISO were pleased to welcome Tony Proctor, recently appointed Vice Chair of FHISO, to his first board meeting on Friday.  The minutes can be found online.

Tony is a Genealogist with considerable experience in software design and development. He graduated in physics but entered computing in late 1970′s. Born in Nottingham, England, Tony is currently working from rural Ireland.

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